Our programs and services are sustained thanks to the participation of volunteers who offer their time to accompany patients and their families. Do you want to join?

in hospitals

Do you want to join the volunteer service in our hospitals or headquarters? If you are a reflexologist, artist, cosmiatra or you can teach knitting and want to be part of our volunteer work in the chemotherapy rooms or headquarters, fill out the following form.

We are currently in 23 hospitals in the country and we want to reach many more.

Thanks for helping us!

General volunteering

If you want to participate in volunteering in other areas such as psychology, communication, journalism, digital support, patient service, among others, we have several activities that you can take part in, in person or virtually. Fill in the form and we will contact you as needs arise.

Thank you very much for wanting to be part!


Every day we are more!

Currently more than 300 people participate in the volunteer work: reflexologists, art teachers, psychologists, photographers and journalists.


Thank you very much for your commitment, love and dedication!


Get to know the list of volunteers of the Foundation. You can find general and virtual volunteering at the headquarters:

Training and containment

We firmly believe in the importance of sustaining those who sustain. That is why we have individual emotional support for our volunteer team.


In addition, every month we offer classes and interhospital reflection and exchange workshops in which the volunteers exchange their experiences, favoring growth and learning for work in chemotherapy rooms.


All the workshops are filmed and those who are part of the volunteering can enter our video library whenever they want: