Patient Services

At our Belgrano headquarters, we offer free services open to the community for cancer patients, former cancer patients and their families.


As a result of the social isolation by Covid-19, only virtual services are being carried out. Soon we will meet again at the headquarters!

Emotional Support

We have a team of psychologists and counselors who provide empathic support virtually and free of charge.

Recipients: patients, caregivers, children, patients’ families,
volunteers from our organization and health team professionals. Therapy can be virtual or face-to-face at the Belgrano headquarters (Av. Cabildo 2970 PB B)



Contact: Vicky +54 9 11 4979-3196

Access to Cancer Treatment Program

Through our program for treatment access, we accompany the patient in a personalized way so that they get their medication and continue with their prescribed treatment.

Our team of social workers personally take care of following each case through our WhatsApp line. In this way, we manage to shorten the times and unblock the administrative procedures in the different public bodies so that people can continue with their cancer treatment.

If you or someone you know needs help to access your cancer medication, write to us by Whastapp at 11-6912-9659.

Virtual Support for Children

From the La Grifa Workshop and the Donde Quiero Estar Foundation, we continue to meet and share with children and their families through digital networks. We share short films, stories, games, riddles and many more surprises...

Virtual Support in
Chemotherapy Rooms

The volunteer team makes short films and graphics providing therapeutic or entertaining tools which are then shared with the patients while receiving chemotherapy, and with our emotional support team, so that they can share it with their patients. This allows patients to continue to feel accompanied by the usual volunteers.

Painting classes

The art workshop of the Donde Quiero Estar Foundation is a place to find company and
come together through art. This space is in charge of the volunteer and Bachelor of
Visual Arts Sol Bozzuto, who suggests letting ourselves be carried away by our inner self and intuition to create a work of art.


No prior knowledge is needed, since the monitoring of each student is personalized and at their own pace. Art transportsus, transforms us and opens a door of infinite possibilities.

Intended for patients and former cancer patients. Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm at the Belgrano headquarters (Av. Cabildo 2970 PB B)


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Reflexology sessions

We offer free 30-minute reflexology sessions to cancer patients, former cancer patients and their families at our Belgrano headquarters (Av. Cabildo 2970 PB B).

Reflexology is a non-invasive natural therapy complementary
to all the treatments because it consists of manually stimulating reflex points or areas of the body located in the feet in order to stimulate and move the body, so that it performs its own regulation process physically, mentally and emotionally.

In cancer patients, it is used as a complement to help improve their well-being and optimize their health in general, helping them to recover emotionally and physically in order to improve their quality of life and try to reduce the side effects of treatments. Its purpose is to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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