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The contest has always been a space of communion where each patient exhibits their own work and knows those of so many others. A moment of encounters, of nerves, of joy, of tears, of congratulations and of many hugs. In this difficult year, the work of the Fundación Donde Quiero Estar is, more than valuable, necessary. From afar, with a virtual exhibition that I am sure will be forceful, we closed the year in the best possible way: with art.


Paloma Mejía, jury of the contest

Winning works

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Section paintings and drawings

Drawings, paintings, collages and digital art created in different parts of Argentina

animated shorts

Animated shortfilms in the Pediatric Hospital Workshops


Paintings and drawings section

15th Art Contest and Exhibition


Animated shorts section

15th Art Contest and Exhibition


This section exhibits 51 animation shorts created by girls, boys and adolescents in the Art and Reflexology workshops of the oncological services of the children's hospitals "Ricardo Gutiérrez" (CABA) and "Santísima Trinidad" (Córdoba) since November 2019 to March 2020. Many of the cycles operated on in hospitals were designed by girls and boys from Colegio Juan XXIII and CFI, within the framework of the "Tendiendo bridges" project. ENJOY THEM!